We at Total Ice are very excited to now offer a yoga practice that is designed to help you be your best self. A place where you can feel at home. 

We believe yoga is an important part of self maintenance and regulation. There are so many benefits to having a regular yoga practice including:

Manage stress, increase mobility/flexibility, gain strength, tone muscles, reduce anxiety, help recover from injuries, optimize your health, meet like minded people, have some "you" time... just to name a few.

No one can take care of you except for yourself, and you certainly deserve the opportunity to thrive.

I double dog dare you to try us once week for 3 months, see what happens!



This is class is taught at a pace that will allow you to focus on your breath and help you build strength in your entire body. If your looking for a grounding, demanding practice without too much complexity, look no further. Touch upon every major muscle group, create some heat and cool off before taking a blissful savasana. Walk away feeling strong, grounded and at ease.


Yin to Bed 

With the relaxing 75 minute Yin practice, you may destress your day with long holds ensure safe opening of connective tissues. All while stimulating, releasing and calming the entire body and mind in a candlelight room. Finish your practice feeling ready to tuck yourself right into bed.