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About Our Program 

The Sport Specific Strength and Conditioning program at Total Ice is designed to utilize and evolve with the most current training methods  to improve your athletes' size, strength, quickness, and speed. An equally important emphasis is placed on injury prevention where these same methods and philosophies will work to maintain a structural balance of an athlete in order to reduce the chance of injury.


Total Ice Training Centre is equipped with Olympic Lifting Stations, Power Racks, and an array of Dumbbells, weights, bands, medicine balls to allow a training program focused on movement-based exercises.


Coaches prepare team-based programs designed to improve movement, core stability, speed, strength, balance, and flexibility. Within the program, each athlete is given specific regressions and progressions in order to individualize programs to their specific abilities.


The strength and conditioning staff work with the athletes to instill discipline, teamwork, confidence, and a strong work ethic that will facilitate a strong culture and commitment to a higher level of achievement.

We are currently accepting new TEAMS to train with us. Sign your sports team up for a group workout. 

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