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Total Ice - Gym 


We offer many events in our gym, from mini competitions,

clinics, and our specialize classes such as our Rookie Class. 


Mom's Rookie Class

New mom's we would love to help you get back into the gym, for social, mental and physical benefits. We are offering a NEW intro class for moms with babies who are not quite mobile yet. This class will be a slow place recovery and learning opportunity with the goal to move into our regular Moms class. 

4 weeks, 1 session a week 

Email us to sign up for our next session 

All About Gymnastics Clinic  



Starting January 11th

We’re launching a new gymnastics clinic to help you master a few of the more technical gymnastic skills in CrossFit and in the CrossFit Open. These small group clinics will include:

  • A skill related warm-up and mobility drills to prepare you for the drills and movements

  • Plenty of in-class demonstrations for visualization teaching

  • Progessive skill instruction 

  • Tips & tricks & cues for faster adaptation

  • Homework practice drills

Movements include but are not limited to: 

  • Handstand push ups, and walking 

  • Toes 2 Bar 

  • Kipping pull ups and Chest to Bar 

  • Muscle ups 

Cost $110

Members $99


Rookie Class

This four week program is designed to prepare you for our Total S&C Class. Our small group coaching allows our members to work with a professional coach for a fraction of the investment. In our one-hour group sessions, participants will be led by our expert coaches through multiple phases of fitness and recovery: Mobility drills and corrective exercises to improve and maintain joint mobility and function; Skill-based warm-up to prepare the body for the workout. The Workout of the Day (WOD)– which might be any combination of gymnastics, running, jumping, squatting, kettlebells, Olympic weightlifting, and more.  At Total Ice we design your program to improve ‘functional’ movements, things you do on a daily basis.

4 Sessions for $85 

Book your own private class, 5+ athletes 

Message us to register for our next session

Post Partum Rehabilitation 


Starting January 9th

Join Britny Parker our Certified Athletic Therapist (CAT(C)) and Practicing Kinesiologist (R.KIN) for our NEW Post Partum Rehabilitation class. 

This class will include, 1 hour 6 Group Sessions 

Time is determined on how postpartum you are. 

Cost $120

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